About Us

Band Members

Oriah Lonsdale - Vocals
John F Metcalf - Guitars
Gabriel Asher - Bass, Vocals
Sam McCall - Keyboards
New Drummer - TBA


The Profane Anything Band is a 5-piece original rock band based out of Austin, TX. Originally a 4-piece band, our first practice happened on April 20th 2011 in Gabriel's laundry room. Exactly two years later in 2013, we released our first EP Liquid Rainbow Math. We followed that up December 21st of the same year with our full length album Freedom Mountain. In 2014 PAB added our fifth member Sam on keyboards. On August 21 2017, we released our third album self titled. Currently, we are writing new songs and playing shows around Austin, TX. 

Band Pedigree

Vocalist Oriah Lonsdale's past projects include PartyWizard (Austin, TX.) and Hobble (Austin, TX.). Guitarist John Metcalf's past projects include Animal Train (Austin, TX.), Goddess Media (Austin, TX.), Rhetoric (Salt Lake City, UT.), Los Vato's Loco (Tacoma, WA.), American Cheese (Tacoma, WA.) and Bonzzort (Tacoma, WA.). Bassist Gabriel Asher also plays bass in Mr. Lewis And The Funeral 5 (Austin, TX.). Past projects include Cheetah Chrome, Sylvain Sylvain, Electric Desert (Chicago, IL.), Manaconda (Chicago, IL.), Plasma Drive (Chicago, IL.), Busy Kids (Chicago, IL.), and The Chemo Kids (Cincinnati, OH.). Keyboardist Sam McCall also plays bass in Brutal Juice (Denton, TX).



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