Ok, let's add Austin to that 'where the best bands come from' list I have going, along with Hamilton ON.
 Profane Anything Band is the second band from there that I've fallen madly in love with after reviewing in the last week.
They sound like a weird down south rock'n'roll version of Fugazi, and they sing about being the champion of food, and keeping your dick away from their dick.. ha! Clearly right up my alley.
Check them out.


 What a dirty little garage EP. This is raucous in your face rock n' roll somewhere between Jason McMasters 'Broken Teeth' and 'System Of A Down'. Amid the chaos and riffage is a very talented vocalist 'Oriah Lonsdale' who has style and flair giving this EP a well defined edge. Opening track 'Think For Yourself' pummels your face into the turnbuckle. It may sound rough in spots but there is some good structure and convincing delivery. Ready to raise the ire of the politically correct is track two 'Rainbows and Swastikas'. It's total Texan whitetrash with lyrics that are sure to offend in some way in its 1:27 of short lived existence. The riff behind the song and the casual swagger is to good effect and it's quite witty to boot.

I'm not sure this band could be any more (ahem) endearing to the listener but then comes "Ring Ring Ring Ring". It's catchy and well written and 'The Cult' style vocals are brilliant. Every track on this EP is a little different but still manages to retain a cohesion that could only be attributed to the individuality of this band. The more you listen and the further you go, the more it sounds like it could have been put together after a few beer, weed, and pizza sessions. Sounds like a good time!

Rating: 4.5/5


Profane Anything Band has taken garage rock and gave it meth and punk records in “Liquid Rainbow Math.” On top of this insanity, there is in your face, raging vocals with controversial lyrics. They turned up their guitars and drenched them in distortion. It sounds gritty and dirty. The drums are a stampede behind a kit followed by a fuzzed out bass.
There is a sense of pop especially in the melody in “Think For Yourself” which is catchy. It’s also a mosh tune. You will sing along as you destroy everything around you. The next track “Rainbow And Swastika” has a contagious rhythm in the guitar riff and drums. The chorus is a harsh undertow that will suck you in. It’s the structure of a good punk song. It’s starts and ends in a matter of moments.
“Reflection” begins with a disarray of a keyboard which is overrun by a gush of electric guitar. There is a constant flow of noise as the singer speaks about drinking. This is a nod to alternative rock. “Ring Ring Ring Ring” is an indie pop song in old school punk format. You can hear the vintage and authenticity in the vocals and heavily effected guitar solo. The lyrics are catchy as hell. This song sounds as if it was released in the past.
“Do What I Want” is dominated with a rough guitar riff bouncing around the repeating drum beat. The vocals are sung in such a rock tone. The chorus is the highlight of the track. It has a nice guitar solo tearing the speakers. It’s a great finale to the EP. If you are a fan of garage, punk, or alternative rock, you will enjoy this collection of songs. They are made in a way that they won’t get boring. It’s also a free download, so you have nothing to lose.
Best track: Ring Ring Ring Ring